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      Shears blade gap adjustment, cutting blade safety rules

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      Shears blade gap adjustment

      First, adjust the upper and lower blade gap to 0.5 mm, and then start from scratch with a feeler adjustment, keeping the entire length of the blade gap is basically the same, and then return to zero blade clearance.

      Then fine-tuning needs to be done (when operation must be carefully observed, do not appear blade up and down seams), zero position can Ruwu three wire feeler gauge wire can not be admitted.

      1 / 10-1 / 20 of the desired thickness of the sheet metal cut appropriately adjusted.

      Under the circumstances shears sharp edge, such as cut sheet edge burr, may be appropriate to reduce the gap between the upper and lower blades.

      Shears safety rules

      1: shears should be someone responsible for the use and storage. The operator must be familiar with the structure and performance of the machine.

      2: Do not overload shears. There may not cut hardened steel material and hardened steel, high speed steel, alloy steel, castings and hard non-metallic materials.

      3, cutting blade edge should be kept sharp edge blunt or damaged shall promptly repair or replace the mill.

      4, the operation should be more than a personal command to coordinate with.


      5, while prohibiting the shears cut two different specifications of the material, nor multi-overlap shear.

      6, when the feed ban hand shears stuck in between the sheet metal and table operations. Material should be cut to suppress the other with iron, the material cut your finger off the edge when at least 200 mm.

      7, after holding the line with a pry, pry holding should immediately withdraw before the cut, such as iron have to move around, use wooden pillow stuffed in prison, in order to avoid holding the presser foot to pry pop after wounding.

      8, cut a good piece to be placed smooth, do not pile up too high. Tailings, waste must be cleared up, keeping the site clean.