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      Ma'anshan City Peng Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. The new blade mold material HM-3

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      Peng Technology - developed:. H13.HM-1, HM-3 new high-alloy cutting edge, which has a high strength, high hardness, high toughness, high hardenability, etc., in steel, type bar, high-wire, steel, broadband, cold rolled steel, and large-diameter discs during use scissors, cut the material to be cut flat and smooth, no glitches, long life, have varying degrees of performance of a new type of material cutting edge superiority, thereby improving quality and cutting efficiency, reduce labor intensity, usually 2-5 times the original amount of shear material. From the pilot to the selling point, all customers receive praise.

           Since the use of the new cutting edge material, data are increasing each year, which shows the new steel bell exceptional performance. , H13 life is 2.5-3.5 times the same industry manufacturers, and HM-3 can reach more than five times, and no chipping and blunt mouth phenomenon. Thus exceeding 8500 tons of imported blade shear amount. And finish, comprehensive benefits obvious. While addressing the high price of imported blade, long lead time, service and other issues not timely. H13, HM-1, HM-3 production of new material blade, roll in the domestic metallurgy, shipbuilding, electronics, mining, construction and machinery manufacturing and other industries place.

      Our material: HM-1, HM-3, in the major steel use has exceeded import requirements, customers receive praise. Companies adhering to the principle of "technological innovation", focusing on market feedback, based on quality, to ensure the credibility,, innovation-driven,

      By search engines due to the recent "Peng-blade" cutting edge material ". HM-1 HM-3 ,, Blade" and so will a lot of fake website to search for information is now in particular that: our patent: HM-1, HM-3 material belonging Peng company, in order to ensure quality of service, convenient on-site service, the company has offices might be around or in web publishing information, but if you order from the Internet, "Peng-blade" HM- 1, HM-3, cutting edge material, ask the issued patent, or HM-1, HM-3, the chemical composition of the material form, or please Chih Peng edge molding company sales (0555--6061928,0555-- 6,065,379), confirmed before order, police anti cheated!