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      Bending machine tooling, CNC bending machine dies, bending machine tooling material selection

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      Bending machine tooling (mújù), English as a press brake tool. A bending machine for sheet metal forming tools, which tools are constituted of various parts, the different parts of the mold by a different composition. It is mainly by changing the physical state of the molding material to achieve the shape of the article processing. Under the effect of bending machine for pressure the billet become specific shape and size of the workpiece tool.

      Bending machine bending machine tooling into the upper and lower mold for sheet metal stamping and separation of the mold. Molding mold has a cavity, separated by the mold has a cutting edge.

      Bending machine mold material selection

      Bending machine mold material selection generally with T8 or T10, and no matter how good some of 42CrMo material, it requires mainly high strength \ high toughness and good wear resistance, cold work tool steel bar selection is good .Cr12MoV the materials meet the performance, process performance good, the price will be higher highs .42CrMo strength quenched and tempered alloy steel, high strength, toughness or. can operate below 500 degrees.