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      Hangang Automation relying on information technology to enhance efficiency in metallurgy

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        Recently, Hebei Iron and Steel Group Handan Steel Automation actively cooperate with coking plants, iron and other units, the transformation of coke production process, develop focus Hoppers display, complete metering sintering. Through the above transformation, the current rate reduces coke powder 4 percentage points.

        In order to reduce the extent of coke fell blast damage during transportation, the automation department recommendation coking plants, iron and other units of the Ministry of the former iron C4, P3,206 three belt that transformation, the shift and with the new, to achieve a Supplying blast furnace coke 5,7,8. The Department has developed a blast furnace coke Hoppers display function, increased feed 8-bit display, enabling the operator to grasp the coke into the coke Hoppers situation, reducing the coke fall damage. In addition, the Department developed a "coke yard silos and auxiliary material level display" system, 32-bit implementation of the real-time data feed transmission automatically collected into the energy control center, guidance materials factory unloading operations. The Ministry has also voted with the six belts that further improve the iron before metering equipment, accurate collection 90 and 400 square meters sintering machine production data.