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      Handan Iron and Steel Company wearable products into the now-magnetic Technology Co., Ltd.

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        Hebei Iron and Steel Group is composed of two steel groups - Tangshan Iron and Steel Group, Handan Iron and Steel Group, formed from the combination of the largest and the world's second large Iron and Steel Group, the total assets of 263.8 billion yuan, an annual output of 40.24 million tons of steel , among the world's top 500 269 (2012), China's top 500 companies on 26, No. 7 500 Chinese manufacturing, with Tangshan Iron and Steel, Handan Iron and Steel, Xuanhua Steel and Chengde Steel, Wuyang, mining, stone steel , 13 holding shares or subsidiaries ITC, financial reach, balance boards, Jingtang, Vision Engineering, Yanshan, etc. sales Corporation, two subsidiaries and steel Corporation purchases and Technology Research Institute, Institute for Strategic Studies Group headquarters is located in Shijiazhuang, capital of Hebei Province.
      2013 "Fortune" Global 500, ranked No. 269.