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      East Ye mechanical cutting edge hot-rolled into the Fushun Special Steel Co., Ltd.

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      December 18, 2014 Ma On Shan Dong Ye Machinery Co., Ltd., developed high wear hot rolling cutting edge, full acceptance, sent to Fushun Special Steel Co., Ltd. Rolling factory.


        Fushun Special Steel Co., Ltd. is one of the most important production base of Dongbei Special Steel Group, China's high-tech sector irreplaceable national defense, aerospace and other materials using special steel production and development base. December 2000 stocks listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange.

        The total assets of 10 billion yuan in 2012, now employs 8657 people, all kinds of professional and technical personnel 1148 people, with an annual output of 1 million tons of steel, timber production capacity of 900,000 tons.

        Fushun Special Steel was founded in 1937, because of its advanced equipment, strong technical force, variety, good quality domestic steel industry has long ranks vanguard position for the development of new China's aerospace, defense industry and other high-tech industry to do an outstanding contribution.

        In recent years, Fushun Special Steel accelerate the pace of reform and development, in January 2003 with the formation of Iron and Steel Group, Dalian Liaoning Special Steel Group, in September 2004 with the North over the Steel Group restructuring for Dongbei Special Steel Group. The reorganization of the old state-owned enterprises has brought vitality, relying on the Group financial, technical, marketing, purchasing advantages, "two Middle wire" that high-temperature alloys, high-strength steel, tool steel production line, production line of high-end automotive steel, stainless steel tube bars production line for the restructuring of a major breakthrough in the core of the breed.

        People's Republic of China in the history of metallurgy, Fushun Special Steel has created a lot of first: the first furnace steel production, the first high-speed tool steel furnace, the first high-temperature alloy furnace, the first furnace ultra high strength steel and high-strength steel. When Chairman Mao Zedong, founder of New China Getting Fushun Special Steel produced the first furnace steel, is pleased to Mingbi inscription: "There is no industry, there is no strong national defense, there is no welfare of the people, there is no national prosperity." This is the first use cast stainless steel stove key now housed in the National Museum.

        The first atomic bomb, first hydrogen bomb, successfully developed the first artificial satellite, Fushun Special Steel provides important raw materials; from our first self-developed medium-range missile into the various types of long-range rocket, its high temperature, high the key strength of the material, the high sensitivity provided by the Fushun Special Steel; China's "Shenzhou" series of manned spacecraft, the "Chang E" lunar exploration satellite launch vehicle, Fushun Special Steel offers a variety of key materials; China's first new-generation fighter to the most advanced fighter aircraft, Fushun Special Steel provides high purity, ultra high strength steel. 50th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square military parade, special steel on new weapons and new materials used in the show, more than 80 percent is provided by Fushun Special Steel.
      While China is the world's steel power to a power forward in the world of time, Fushun Special Steel also shoulder the new historical responsibility, to create first-class quality steel production base.

      Products in the national defense industry, the long-term dominance ranks. Fushun Special Steel has always adhered to "do business for the military service as a direction" to develop advanced materials aviation, aerospace superalloys, titanium alloys, new stainless steel, high strength steel used in the production scale has always maintained the first market share of 60%.

      On the technical quality, maintaining a stable military trial materials research, production organization and quality management system, so that the quality of long-term stability of military material.

      2005 by the AS9100 aviation, aerospace quality system certification by the China Aviation Industry Corporation I second party audit by the world-renowned aero-engine companies - British Rolls-Royce supplier qualification and certification of stainless steel products, this is the first time in three decades the company approved certification only metallurgical plant in China.

      Civil special steel in a leading position. Fushun Special Steel with special alloy high-temperature alloys, corrosion resistant alloys and titanium alloys, tool and die steel, automotive-grade structural steel as the three leading products. With special alloy, high strength steel, tool steel, flat steel, special steel, high alloy pipe as the six pillars of brand products.

      Fushun Special Steel production tool steel is China's first brand, truly a market, the market share of the first; dimensions, specifications, are the intrinsic quality of the first, close to the world advanced level. Forging bar diameter up to 700 mm, large module size up to 800 × 1500 mm, width up 610㎜ rolled flat steel mold, thickness of 10 to 200 mm. Represented in D2 cold work die steel, H13 represented to hot work die steel products in short supply.
      Turbine blade stainless steel is the main origin of species, 2004 national quality metallurgical products Gold Award.

      Bearing steel titanium content of less than 25ppm, the oxygen content of less than 8ppm, as the leading domestic level.

      Automotive steel oxygen content less than 13ppm, hardenability can guarantee 4HRC, as the leading domestic level.

      Fushun Special Steel products have achieved more than 10 internationally renowned company certification. MnCr gear steel by Volkswagen certified; 8620RH, 8627RH gear steel certification through the American Eaton Corporation; SCr420HB, SCM920HVSI certified by Hyundai; bearing steel BSP52100, ASTM485 series by Timken certification; IE1813, IE1998 than by Carter Leya real certified; D411,18CrNiMo7-6 certified by the German company Bosch.

      Fushun Special Steel has first-class technology and equipment. Has from the smelting process to the rear finishing, heat treatment, quality testing until the product packaging, improve the supporting facilities.

      Smelting equipment, mainly from Germany and Fox Krupp company introduced 60 t and 50 t UHP, equipped with two sets of LF, 2 VD vacuum refining furnace, and imported from Italy's Danieli four streams arc caster. The company has imported from Austria Yintai Ke 30/60 ton, outside VOD / VHD refining furnace and two 30-ton electric arc furnace.

      Fushun Special Steel has the strongest, world-class specialty smelting capacity. Has 12 tons, seven tons, 3 tons, 2 tons vacuum consumable furnace; 12 tons and 3/6 ton vacuum induction furnace, as well as 1 ton, 0.2 tons vacuum induction furnace; 5 tons and 1.2 tons of non-vacuum induction furnace; 1- tonnage of 30 tons, and other electroslag furnace 25. The modern smelting equipment to meet the special needs of aviation, aerospace, defense, military and other users of advanced materials research and development.

      Fushun Special Steel has a leading forging production capacity. Imported from Germany and Austria 3500 tons quick forging machine, 3150 tons quick forging machine, 2000 tons and 1800 tons quick forging machine forging machine, forging machine, and two 1000 tons hydraulic hammer Taipower has created a strong competitive forging products.
      Fushun Special Steel Rolling contemporary class technology and equipment. The company has imported from Italy Pomini 24 bar rolling production lines, production of high-quality 12mm to 90mm steel bar, become a professional-grade automotive steel production line. There are imported from Austria WF5-40 flat steel unit, which is currently the only one in Asia advanced flat steel mill, the production of high-grade finishing flat.

      Fully furnished straightening, testing, shot blasting, grinding facilities to ensure the surface and internal quality of the product.

      Fushun Special Steel has a first-class level of quality tests. Imported from Japan EMGA-621W type constant hydrogen analyzer; from the US introduction of CS-444 infrared carbon and sulfur analyzer, CS-600 infrared carbon and sulfur analyzer; RO-600C type oxygen analyzer; TC-436, such as oxygen and nitrogen analyzer can be accurately measured in carbon steel, sulfur content and hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen elements. ELAN6000 inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometer can accurately analyze superalloys impurity elements; spectrophotometer accurate determination of high-temperature alloys, low-alloy steel of manganese, copper, magnesium, calcium, cobalt, nickel content AA370MC atomic absorption.

      Various spectrometers can quickly determined the content of the various elements in steel.

      Modern NDT equipment to ensure no inherent defect in the steel production process.

      Modern metallurgical analysis microscope to ensure accurate analysis of the steel good internal organization.

      Advanced mechanical properties of steel testing machine to ensure the accuracy of the performance test data.

      Fushun Special Steel's central laboratory received the highest international level NADCAP laboratory accreditation and ISO / IEC17025 International Laboratory Accreditation.

      Fushun Special Steel passed the ISO9001: 2008 quality management system certification; GB / T24001-2004 environmental management system certification; GB / T28001-2001 Occupational Health Management System Certification; AS9100 C-2009 aerospace quality system certification; TS16949: 2009 automotive steel system certification.

      Fushun Special Steel with state-level enterprise technical centers, post-doctoral research base in Liaoning Province. Have a first-class scientific and technological personnel, with senior titles in more than 80 experts, with intermediate grade 552 people, Dr. 3, 60 master's degree. And Tsinghua University, Beijing University of Science and Technology, Beijing Iron and Steel Research Institute, Dalian University of Technology, Northeastern University and other institutions of higher learning and research institutions to establish a stable and cooperative mechanisms, with the world advanced enterprises in the same industry to establish a good relationship between the exchange and cooperation.

      As of 2012, Fushun Special Steel bearing steel, stainless won the Chinese famous brand, seven products won the national quality metallurgical products Gold Award, 4 product won the provincial famous. While access to national and Technology Progress Award 47, provincial and ministerial technological progress awards 196, with national patents and 239 in-house technical know-how.

      Fushun Special Steel core culture is "people-oriented", the core concept of development is "to achieve the common development of people and businesses." For each technical staff, managers and workers have designed a career development plan and take the skills Employment experts, technical experts Employment, project manager system, continuing education, college students purchase discount and a series of policies to attract talent, training personnel, use of personnel.

      Fushun Special Steel products are widely used in aviation, aerospace, marine, nuclear, petroleum, chemicals, electronics, machinery, automotive, instrumentation, transportation, textile, medical and other fields of national economy, exported to the United States, Germany, Britain, Australia, Korea, Southeast Asia, more than 20 countries and regions, and the US, Thailand, Taiwan and many users credit certificates.

      Fushun Special Steel in their own development, and conscientiously fulfill their social responsibilities, adhere to the road of sustainable development, vigorously develop the circular economy. Has built a sewage treatment plant to achieve zero discharge of wastewater; completed a steel, two steel dust renovation project; the implementation of scrap slag processing and comprehensive utilization, the full implementation of a resource-saving and environment-friendly development strategies.

      Fushun Special Steel will be the scientific development concept as a guide to science and technology, efficiency, quality development direction, to carry out technology, products, management, system four innovative, fast implementation of products from low-grade to high-grade quality, by low shift to high value added.

      2013-2015, Fushun Special Steel will invest 40 billion yuan for large-scale transformation process, completely adjust and improve the process layout, the realization of China in the field of special steel production and business goals first.