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          Company's products into China State Shipbuilding Corporation (four hundred forty-one factory)

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            China State Shipbuilding Corporation for the product requirements are very stringent, requiring East Ye cutting edge wear and stability must meet mining demand, the company has been committed to cutting edge research and development of high-strength material of our company:. Cr12mov, H13, HM-1, in the major industry use, customers receive praise. Companies adhering to the principle of "technological innovation", focusing on market feedback, based on quality, to ensure the credibility,, innovation as the driving force in the domestic shipbuilding industry, shipbuilding, electronics, mining, construction and machinery manufacturing and other industries place.
          Four hundred forty-one cutting edge factory acceptance

                                           Four hundred forty-one plant cutting edge hardness fight

                                          Four hundred forty-one plant cutting edge hardness fight


            Jiujiang Shipbuilding Instrument Co., Ltd. (forty-four one plant) in 2006 approved the formation of the former National Defense. The company formerly known as Jiujiang Instrument Factory, codenamed four hundred forty-one, under the China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation, is the nation late fifties to build the professional production of ship navigation instruments of key military enterprises. April 2009, the restructuring of state-owned holding company of the joint-stock limited liability company.

            The company is located in Jiujiang City, Jiangxi Province, north of the Yangtze River, according to South Lushan, close to the Beijing-Kowloon, Wu nine, a nine, copper Kowloon Railway and Chang nine, nine King Expressway and convenient transportation. Company 137,500 square meters of land. The company is a set of mechanical, electrical, hydraulic integration of product development, design capability and casting, welding, heat treating, plating, painting, surface treatment, precision machining, electronics assembly, and other integrated manufacturing capacity of sophomore-oriented enterprises. Has advanced CNC machine tools and a variety of processing, testing, measuring and testing equipment. The company also established a set of effective quality management system, has passed GB / T19001-2008 and GJB9001B-2009 quality management system version for review and tripartite naval recognized quality management system audit, made two secret unit of the National Certificate military systems and safety standardization two units of qualifications. Company metering chamber for the defense three metering stations, with 11 measurement standards.