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    1. Today is 2022-6-9, Welcome to the web Maanshanshi Dongye Machinery Technology Co.,ltd Website: www.seyutianshi.net


                 Ma On Shan Dong Ye Machinery Co., Ltd. - is located in the eastern suburbs of Ma'anshan City Bowang Special Economic Zone, Red Zone, convenient transportation and dart through 314, only 28 kilometers from Nanjing airport, the traffic is very convenient, the company has from the smelting, forging, roughing, finishing, heat treatment centers, chemical detection, analyzing the research, development, production and service for the integrated enterprise.
        The company specializes in producing high-alloy steel rolling shear blade, cold roll, roller, molds, and other products and specifications of various shapes cut blade. Products can be widely used in plate, broadband cable, wire rods, silicon steel, casting, steel, rolled steel profiles and other industries. Companies adhering to the principle of "technological innovation", focusing on market feedback, based on quality, to ensure the credibility,, innovation as the driving force in the domestic metallurgy, machinery manufacturing and other industries place.