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    1. Today is 2022-6-10, Welcome to the web Maanshanshi Dongye Machinery Technology Co.,ltd Website: www.seyutianshi.net

      Company Culture

        Focus, interaction, collaboration, innovation
        [Focus] - to focus on the attitude of learning new knowledge and insight into the market to focus on the vision, to focus on the faith to become the industry leader, jumped "industry specializing in surgery," the "specialist" realm; the hour amplification to the limit to maintaining the status quo to be the best in everything, to maximize the enthusiasm, initiative and creativity, has a strong sense of responsibility, always to zero and empty cup attitude of learning, for learning than the competition faster.
        [Interactive] - within the team, brainstorming, each is seeking to achieve real-time communication between employees; between the customer and, to create the most direct communication interface, creating a more efficient means of service.
        [Cooperation] - people-oriented, long-term perspective, cooperation is the source of interests, cooperation is the success of this; with an open attitude and sincere philosophy, won the most valuable partners; cooperation is the source of interests, mutual benefit principles of solidarity and cooperation.
        [Innovation] - advocate the spirit of innovation, stimulate innovation consciousness, and guide the direction of innovation, encourage innovative behavior, enhance innovation capability; humble learned, the constant pursuit of exploration, science and technology innovation in the enterprise, technology, ideas, culture and other aspects.